The setup of application with your phone takes 3 steps. Each step needs to be done sequentially.

Step 1: Connect your smartphone (iPhone or Android)

Start PhoneBox app. Press the “Connect” to find available devices.
select computer


    – Turn on Bluetooth on your phone;
    – Make device dicoverable;
    Hold open the Bluethooth settings screen while setup.

Step 2: Connect smartphone with computer


    – On computer there appears the window with your device
    – Select “Remember the device”
    – Select your smartphone.

Step 3: Pair smartphone with computer

pair_dialogIf your phone was not paired earlier you need to such setup:

    – On smartphone appears “Bluetooth Pairing Request” alert with secret code;
    – The same message appears on computer;
    – Press pair on both smartphone and computer.

If pairing was successful the device have the status “Connected”.

In case of failure on connection try to quit all applications that currently working with your phone via bluetooth and start setup from beginning.

Start using PhoneBox.

You can find contacts by name or phone number. Or input the number you want to dial.

If you have any questions about the application. Please send an email to